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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

In a world of endless opinions and points of view, “food for thought” is a
great idiom to know.

In a world of endless opinions and points of view, “food for thought” is a great idiom to know. Diverse ideas and input make relationships exciting  excited and keep connections engaged. But sometimes you need a little time to think about something before you can form your own opinion or make a comment – and this is where “food for thought” can come in very handy!

We can think of dozens of scenarios when this idiom might lend itself to your daily conversation – we’ll use Apto’s three main content groups to demonstrate examples of “food for thought” in daily conversation.

It’s almost time to go back to school! What do you want to study? I know you’ve always thought about going into the medical field, but have you thought about business? Just food for thought!

Businesses are often making unexpected organizational changes (like restructuring employees or changing service or product offerings), and employees are frequently put in a position of uncertainty about the security of their jobs or the health of the company. What if we began offering ways for employees to ask anonymous questions of our leadership team and publish responses on our intranet site? Maybe this will allow everyone to feel more comfortable with change. What do you think? Food for thought.

What about in your social life? Do you have a restaurant that you and your friends always go to? Or is your weekly date night always a night at the movies? Maybe it’s time to try something new and mix things up?! Just food for thought!

Did you pick up on the contextual clues and understand what “food for thought” means? If not, just check out the explanation from  freedictionary.com below.

Food for Thought

Fig. something for someone to think about; issues to be considered. Your essay has provided me with some interesting food for thought. My adviser gave me some food for thought about job opportunities.